Generate a usage report

You can generate a usage report at any time using the powerful reporting tools available for administrators.

There are several available criteria that you can chose data:

- Entity or institution
- Profession
- Start and end date

You can also drill down to the end-user level (when you select an institution) in order to get usage reports for a particular user if you need to:-

F 1.0

F 1.1

The generated reports are fully-fledged usage reports that can be immediately used, sent by email or printed. They come with a summary section and a full description of every chart and usage indicator.

F 1.2

F 1.3

F 1.4

F 1.5

F 1.6

F 1.7

F 1.8

F 1.9

Note on the Reporting data: our system is flexible enough to allow us to store,
keep and scale usage data for your institution since day one. It does not matter
for how long you have been subscribing to DeepKnowledge or how many users,
traffic or usage you are getting. The usage reports can always be set to retrieve
data from the first day the e-library was setup.

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