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Manage e-Library Access, Entity, Domain, and Features.

Library Settings

This setting allows you to add/remove or enable/disable the ability for administrator and end users in your e-Library (Figure 1).

(Figure 1)

Registration mode: The status of the registration for the end users even open or close mode.

Home URL: The offered URL for your institution ex: (

Valid email domains: The provided domain(s) for your institution “If it’s available”: ( - etc.

Federated Search: Show the status of your federated search enable/disable with different types.

User account deletion:  This option allows you to delete the end user from the portal, always disable (If you want to change this settings contact ).

Request for training: Allow you to enable or disable the request for training option appears for the users with the resources.

Quick resources filter: Enable/disable to let the end users use the resources filter while searching.

Bypass temporary user creation restrictions: To allow you to enable/disable the domain restrictions for the temporary accounts.

Display expired resource: You can enable/disable this to show/hide the expired resources in the resources page.

Display resource tags: To enable/disable the trial, expired, subscribe resources tags.

Request a resource: Control the user by enable/disable to apply for request a new resource.

Media Gallery: enable/disable if you want the end users to see the media gallery.

Force Profile update: To force the end users update their profile you have an option to enable/disable.

Auto-translate: Translation for the portal while anyone changes the view language.

Profile picture upload: Allows you to enable or disable the ability for end users to upload their personal library picture.

Preferred language: Select the languages that you would like to make available on the e-library for users, then click on the language button of your choice in order to set it as the default language.

Landing page: Select from the list the main page for the e-library or switch to custom for specific page.

Access from abroad: Geographic location is based on the IP address, which is not always accurate. Enabling this feature may impact some users and prevent them from signing into their account.

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